Digital CamerasDigital Cameras are the cameras which are mainly connected with computer based systems. The common features of Digital Cameras are providing the facility of making video clips, which are generally dependent upon the memory capacity of Digital Cameras that how much it may be accommodated as much as it can as you make video clips, and the same issue is with its other features such as voice recording, or sketching of still photographs (without flash light), or still snapshots (with flash light). These are the basic features of common Digital Cameras. Other than these features, some digital cameras provide the facility of recording images through an Electronic Image Sensor (EIS), or/and the option of using like webcam for online live video chat, but such digital cameras are pretty pricey. Each feature of Digital Camera is based on sensor size, megapixels support, dithering and the print quality.

21st Century to onward is the digital world, before this in terms of Digital Cameras was the period of Film Cameras. Film cameras cannot give on the go output on the display area and more importantly the options of storing, deleting, or even editing of thousands of images, videos, voices, inside the camera for later references, whereas Digital Cameras have not such issues. Luckily, we are in the era of digital time, where we have digital cameras!


The difference is in the device, Digital Cameras are electronic and film cameras are chemical base. By the passage of time, each day we come to know about new latest technological based information. For instance, these digital cameras are being now miniaturized as much as size of the cornea… means the complete digital camera is now equal to a cornea size, which are now available as a tremendous ease in PDAs, Blackberries, imates, iphones, and other cellular phones. This is the latest reshape of the technology for now.

Whenever you like to buy a digital camera, always remember to ask by the vendor about the quality of image sensor i.e. image resolution, methods of image capture, filter mosaics, interpolation, and aliasing. The connectivity issue whether it is transferring photos, printing photos, and displaying photos with respective devices. How many file formats it supports for image data storage? And is this digital camera equipped with the option of batteries if then its standby time and using time assessment?

The most popular and prevalent companies for Digital Cameras are Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, Sony, Casio, Kodak. They have a long series of Digital Cameras with different ranges according to their features and services. Oh, yes also never forget about all its accessories – now each company has its own commercial website whereon they provide the in-depth information for each making model with its features and accessories. Thus, it is very handy to access the first information over the internet or else any question you may ask or confirm by the vendor otherwise never buy until you are satisfied.